Performance Ministries
Tim Wead
Paul, James, Jesus, Luke, & More!

Dramatic one man presentations of entire books of the Bible!

Whole books of the Bible presented in dramatic form! Holiday
presentations of scripture for Special Sundays and midweek services like
Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, Communion Sundays, Banquets,
Graduations, Special Events, and more!

Workshops, Seminars, Scripts, Plays, and More!

Make every Sunday or midweek service a special event!
Bringing The Bible Alive!
For Large Churches & Small!
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Drama for the Church today!
Bringing the Bible alive for 19 years!
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Tim Wead as the Apostle Paul

One Man Presentations of Whole Books of The Bible or
Large portions of Scripture dramatically preformed for your
Sunday Morning or Midweek Church Service
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Paul: Dictating his letter to the Philippians from his Roman jail

James: Delivering the Book of James to the first church in Jerusalem

Luke: The story of the birth Christ in the first two chapters of Luke
(With Christmas music performed with your Church choir, praise team, or soloist).

Paul: Writing his last letter to the church, "II Timothy"

Jesus: "A Conversation With Jesus," from scriptures in, "The Sermon On The Mont,"  &
John 13,14,&15
(With Communion music performed with your Church choir, praise team, or soloist. Can
be done as a one man show, with 12 men as the disciples, or more).

An Angel: Original one man play written by Tim Wead called, "God's Hand On
America," the story of the founding of our country, with speeches by Lincoln, Roosevelt,
Reagan, & more, (With patriotic music performed by your Church choir, praise team, or
soloist or performed with a patriotic sound track).
Acting Workshops developing realistic & professional acting skills,
Developing Skits & Scenes to Illustrate Your Pastors sermons, Plays
for Church Dinner Theater and Church Outreach, Monologues for
Youth Groups and Fine Arts Presentations, and more!

Call: Tim Wead at 480-329-6232
Tim Wead as The Oval office janitor who turns out
to be more than he looks, he is an Angel who has
been looking over our leaders for over 200 years.